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WATCH: OAN Visitor Denies That There Was Really a Bloodbath in Tulsa 100 Years In the past


For many years, college students in colleges weren’t taught concerning the 1921 bloodbath on Black Wall St. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was really an HBO present, Watchmen, that exposed the reality behind the incident to many People.

And now that the historical past of the occasion is thought, the Biden administration is ensuring extra People study it. The president and vp each hung out speaking concerning the incident this week.

And the sunshine shone on the occasion has enraged Conservative media retailers that wish to fake that racism not exists. On Wednesday night time, OAN went as far on having a visitor deny the seriousness of the bloodbath.

Radio host Jesse Lee Peterson claimed, “And I don’t imagine that entire story about what occurred in Tulsa. It’s not as dramatized because the race hustlers are making it out to be. I assure you they’ve rewritten historical past, they’ve written it to be one thing that’s extra dramatic to allow them to make white folks look racist, make them look imply, and they also hate all Black folks to allow them to management the Blacks.”

The pundit continued, “It’s not white folks’s fault that Black folks have misplaced their method. It’s Black folks’s fault, it’s the Black particular person’s fault — it’s not even all Black folks’s fault that different Black persons are losers, proper? As adults, we’re answerable for our personal life, and on this nation, it’s as much as you what you need to do in life. Nobody is holding you again however your self. And these persons are blaming others as a result of they’re losers, they’re cowards. They haven’t any love. They’re evil.”

Whereas it’s disgraceful that this occasion was lengthy hidden by historical past, it’s a massive constructive that persons are beginning to study it. Conservative media retailers are unlikely to achieve success of their makes an attempt to reduce the incident.