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WATCH: Mississippi Governor Says Fetuses May Reside Exterior Womb at Solely 15 Weeks


Donald Trump’s presidency was impactful in some ways. His most lengthy lasting actions, although, is perhaps within the courts. Not solely did he place 3 Conservative justices on the Supreme Courtroom, he appointed Republican judges all around the United States.

And purple states have been pushing these days to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Tate Reeves, the Mississippi governor appeared on CNN this weekend to speak in regards to the efforts.

Reeves told Jake Tapper, “For individuals similar to myself which might be pro-life, I imagine that the Supreme Courtroom made a mistake [by upholding abortion rights] within the Nineteen Seventies. However that’s not the problem at stake that’s earlier than the court docket, hopefully when the arguments are heard someday within the fall.”

The purple state governor continued:

“The actual fact is we all know a lot extra in America in the present day in regards to the formation of younger [fetuses] within the womb than we did when Roe v. Wade was determined in 1973. And what we all know now, Jake, is that we all know that the center partially fashioned at 15 weeks. We all know that the [fetus] within the womb is training respiration. We all know that the majority inner organs have began to type and we imagine that baby is viable exterior the womb.”

After all, we don’t know that. The youngest untimely child to ever survive was born at 21 weeks outdated. Tapper, nevertheless, didn’t push again on the claims Reeves made throughout the broadcast.