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NewsBusters Podcast: Biden’s Plate of Candied Yamiche


The primary press convention for President Biden appeared extra like a “press therapeutic massage.” Yamiche Alcindor of PBS advised Biden that immigrants had been dashing throughout the border due to the notion he is a “ethical, respectable man” who may be trusted with unaccompanied minors. The entire occasion was embarrassing.

That sugary prose did NOT make the NewsHour on Thursday night time. 

It is particularly maddening when liberal bias overflows from public broadcasting, which conservatives assist subsidize. NPR anchor Mary Louise Kelly was pushing donations through the pledge drive by insisting she gives robust questions to carry folks accountable. When it got here to Kelly’s interview of Secretary of State Tony Blinken final month, that is merely a lie. 

The dominant theme of the presser was the supposedly pressing must scrap the filibuster. Reporters had been channeling the laborious left and their “massive agenda.” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins pressed Biden to agree that the filibuster was a racist relic of the Jim Crow period. Biden bizarrely claimed the Republicans now make Jim Crow appear like Jim Eagle. (?)

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