Home News Marco Rubio Disgustingly And Dishonestly Suggests Biden Impeachment

Marco Rubio Disgustingly And Dishonestly Suggests Biden Impeachment


Rubio tweeted:

White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki referred to as the Republican’s assertion nonsense, “The concept we’ve got held again safety help to Ukraine is nonsense. Simply final week—within the run-up to the U.S.-Russia Summit—we supplied a $150 million bundle of safety help, together with deadly help. Now we have now supplied all the quantity appropriated by Congress via the Ukraine safety help initiative. Two days earlier than the Summit, President Biden stood on the stage earlier than all the world at NATO and stated that we’d maintain placing Ukraine “within the place to have the ability to proceed to withstand Russian bodily aggression.” Now we have additionally ready contingency funds within the occasion of an extra Russian incursion into Ukraine. As President Biden instructed President Putin straight, we are going to stand unwavering in help for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Donald Trump was impeached for making an attempt to blackmail a international nation into investigating his political opponent by withholding congressionally appropriated navy support.

Biden is pausing an support bundle that was put collectively by the Nationwide Safety Council in response to a Russian troop build-up. The Russians withdrew their troops from the border with Ukraine, and Biden put the aide bundle on pause.

The 2 conditions are usually not the identical. Sen. Rubio is aware of this, however he selected to lie.

Marco Rubio has a official challenger for his seat in 2022, in Rep. Val Demmings, and he’s scared. Rubio is making an attempt to carry Trump tight and hope that he carries him to victory subsequent 12 months, however by doing so, he’s revealing why he ought to be booted out of the Senate.