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A Bunch of ‘Bull’: CBS Drama Says BLM ‘Not Against Police’


Community tv has formally jumped the shark in its desperate efforts to defend the home terrorist group Black Lives Matter. This week on CBS’s courtroom drama Bull, an earnest protection lawyer really mentioned with a straight face that BLM is “not against the police.”

Within the episode, ‘Proof to the Opposite,’ on Monday, April 19, an harmless younger black man is mistakenly accused within the premeditated homicide of a police officer. The younger man has been lively within the Black Lives Matter motion.

In a pre-trial listening to, protection lawyer Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson) requests that the trial “exclude any point out of my consumer’s involvement with Black Lives Matter or photographic proof of affiliation with identical.” When the prosecution argues that the “defendant has a prolonged and well-documented historical past of anti-police sentiment,” Palmer gives a ridiculous reply.

Chunk Palmer: Your Honor, the A.D.A. is clearly mistaken on this regard. Black Lives Matter is just not against the police. Black Lives Matter is against police killing black individuals. And the prosecution is attempting to color this group and, by extension, my consumer, as being extremist and anti-law enforcement. All for the crime of merely affirming the worth of black life.

Black Lives Matter protest slogans embrace “ACAB” (“All Cops Are Bastards”) and “Fuck 12” (“Fuck the Police“). If these slogans are not “anti-law enforcement,” I have no idea what’s. And contemplating that in 2019 the variety of unarmed black males fatally shot by police in the US was a total of 14 people in a rustic of 330 million, BLM was by no means actually about addressing a supposed epidemic of evil cops concentrating on black males. BLM was a corporate shakedown operation that used terror to rake in billions for its founders and Democrat Party entities

The topic of violence at protests does come up on the pre-trial listening to, however Palmer pins such violence on these “not related” together with his consumer’s group.

Chunk: Your Honor, we’ve a second movement for the courtroom’s consideration. I ask that we exclude any reference to the defendant’s prior conviction for felony mischief. My consumer was one of over 200 individuals arrested after a Black Lives Matter demonstration turned overrun with individuals not related together with his group, however who have been there solely for function of looting and vandalizing. He could not afford counsel, he spent an evening in jail. For these spurious prices for use in opposition to him– it appears unjust and unfair, Your Honor. 

Choose: Ms. Olson, care to reply? 

Ms. Olson: Your Honor, as Mr. Palmer is effectively conscious, if his consumer chooses to take the stand in his personal protection, he may be cross-examined about prior crimes that bear on his credibility. To arbitrarily deny me the chance to share this conviction with the jury appears… How did you place it? Unjust and unfair? And it’s. To the state, which believes Mr. Craddick is responsible of murdering a police officer in chilly blood. And I’d additionally level out to the courtroom, violence in opposition to law enforcement officials appears to be a standard function of those rallies. And whether or not that violence is instigated by the sponsoring group or outsiders who seize the chance to take pleasure in mayhem is inappropriate. The purpose– the one point– is that Mr. Craddick has been arrested and convicted up to now. And that’s one thing that the jury has a proper to know. 

Violence does certainly observe BLM wherever it goes. Its “mostly peaceful protests” have left a tragic path of billions of dollars in damage, dozens dead, and plenty of extra injured. Such violence is likely to continue within the coming months, particularly with the George Floyd murder trial wrapping up and other people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraging more violence.

However Hollywood can’t dare let that reality come out of the mouths of its reveals’ most important characters. The role of television heroes in 2020 and 2021 are to maintain pushing the identical lies that legacy media pushed all final yr about BLM protests being “principally peaceable.” And because the gaslighting continues, extra harmless communities can be terrorized whereas BLM founders purchase extra mansions.

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